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Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Report – 3/9/15


The water has been getting low and we could sure use some rain. We haven’t been putting up big numbers in the low water, but we have been hooking enough fish every day. Bob and Keith came up from CA and had a great trip. The weather was warm and dry and we found some nice fish. Then Norm and Pam came out from the East Coast. Norm has done a lot of steelheading, but this was Pam’s first trip. Maybe it was beginners luck, but she caught some big steelhead. Overall, fishing has been slower lately than it was in February with the low water we have been having, but there are still plenty of steelhead in the rivers on the OP. It should be really good fishing after the next big rain.

Washington Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing - Forks Washington - Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide


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