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Washington Fly Fishing Testimonials

"Reel" Fun

I've been with many guides before and Aaron was probably one of the best. Exciting, fun, and truly involved with our fishing success. My friend and i have been planning to catch a steel head for some time and not only did AO make it happen, but we had a great time doing it!

-David B.



Summer Steelhead Fly Fishing - Forks Washington - Olympic Peninsula

Summer Steelhead Fly Fishing - Forks Washington - Olympic Peninsula

September 20, 2014

Great Experience

I've been meaning to write to share my feelings about the two days my son and I spent with you. Rob found your website; what a blessing for both of us.  Your enthusiasm for guiding and fishing was evident from out first contact. Additionally, your knowledge of the river and ability to work with both of us was outstanding;  I'm fairly critical and don't frivolously throw around words like outstanding; you truly were outstanding.

The added touch of providing us with quality photos will be a wonderful memory for Rob long after this 74 year old is gone. I will have them close to me until that time arrives.

Thanks for a wonderful experience,

- Jim D.

Summer Steelhead Fly Fishing - Forks Washington - Olympic Peninsula

Summer Steelhead Fly Fishing - Forks Washington - Olympic Peninsula

September 20, 2014

Epic Day

This was my first time fishing for steelhead and Aaron made it exciting, relaxing, and (most importantly) successful! He is extremely knowledgeable about the local rivers and seems to know every spot on the Hoh that might hold a steelhead. It was very apparent that he was invested in our fishing success and us having a great time. He even loaded us up with info on the other local rivers for the rest of our trip. We will definitely be back in the winter!

Bennett A.


September 7, 2014

Good to fish with you again

Good to fish with you once again on the OP. A real pleasure. Hope to see you next year. Best of luck for the coming year,

- Eric M.

Washington Fly Fishing Guides Olympic Peninsula WA

September 6, 2014

Thank You

You Just made my day with sending me these pictures and I'm sure when Jeff comes up for air this will make his day also.

AWESOME shots.  (my fish looks heavy ; )  Thanks so so much for sharing!

You were the best guide!  Thank you for everything.

- Jen M.

Washington Fly Fishing Guide Methow River Steelhead

Washington Fly Fishing Guides Methow River Steelhead WA

Washington Steelhead Fly Fishing Guides Methow River

September 6, 2014

Epic Trip!

Thanks again for being so accommodating and for taking me on my first steelhead trip on the Methow.  It was truly an epic trip and much more productive than I could have imagined.  You sure as hell know how to catch some steelhead and gave me more opportunities than I deserved to catch some fish.  After talking to people and hearing stories about traveling all the way to Canada to fish for steelhead, and then hearing how they didn’t catch anything, I still find it hard to believe that I landed 9 fish…and probably lost another 5.

The accommodations were much nicer than I had expected as well.  You are the first person I have fished with that put me up in a clean bed and whose wife cooked huevos rancheros for breakfast the next morning.

Hopefully I will be able to make it back to your area again in the future for another chance to fish.  Thanks again.


- Caleb G.

Washington Fly Fishing Guides Methow River WA

Washington Fly Fishing Guides Methow River WA

Washington Steelhead Fly Fishing Guides Methow River WA


September 6, 2014

Great Time

Thanks again for a great time fishing the Hoh.  I very much appreciated your attention to detail along with all the efforts to put Chuck and myself onto 'Big Chromers'.  Now that I've had a small taste of what OP Chromer fishing can be like, I chomping at the bit to get back up there for another dose.  Next year we'll shoot for at least 3 days in the Spring.

Thanks until next year, and please also express my thanks to Jeff and to Annie.............

- Rick D.

Washington Fly Fishing Guides on the Olympic Peninsula

Washington Steelhead Fly Fishing Guides on the Olympic Peninsula

September 6, 2014

Really Enjoyed our Trip

Aaron,  I just wanted to let you know again how much I enjoyed those two days on the Hoh with you and Nate.  You are both among the top guides I have ever used.  Your expertise, patience, instruction and work ethic are outstanding.  I'm just sorry I couldn't hold on the that 18lber when you were taking photos.  I forgot how strong those guys are! I am starting to work on this month's newsletter for the McKenzie Flyfishers and I will put some of the pictures from our trip to the Olympic Peninsula in for those other smucks to live vicariously through our trophy photos.

Take care,

- Bob H.

Washington Fly Fishing Steelhead Guides

Washington Steelhead Fly Fishing Guides


September 6, 2014

Perfect Again

Once again it seems like we hit it perfect up there!  Two years in a row, and counting.  Totally looking forward to it next year.  Here is the photo from last year that needs to get on your website.  To refresh your memory....right at the last riffle at the takeout on the Bogy when you said to "just drop it anywhere".  Boom, bright chromer. I also ripped a huge hole in my waders climbing out of the boat during the fight, but for that fish it was worth it.  It was also the banana in the boat day.

- Jim S.


Washington Fly Fishing Guides

Washington Fly Fishing Guides

September 6, 2014

Awesome Time!

I had am awesome time, for a rookie like myself to catch such a fish. My son had a great time. Thank you for working with my son. You are a great guide and teacher in the steelhead world !!! See you soon. Joe can't wait to fish.

- Emmett L.

Washington Steelhead Fly Fishing Guides

September 6, 2014

Thanks for the Hard Work

Hey, I wanted to thank you for your hard work and river choices that made our trip fantastic. I can not tell you how much fun we had and how stoked we both were on the beauty of the place and the quality of the fish. I want to get us back in for the same time next February. We both know how lucky we are with the timing and fully appreciate the kind of days we may seldom see again.

Thanks again and talk soon,
- Doug Q.


Washington Steelhead Fly Fishing

Washington Steelhead Fly Fishing Guides

September 6, 2014

default image

Wonderful Trip

Hi Aaron, John and I would like to thank you for the wonderful fishing trip you provided us this past Saturday. You are a very knowledgeable guide in addition to being hard working , very patient and a pleasure to spend the day with.In spite of the challenging weather and my short comings as a fly caster ,we had an extremely successful and pleasant trip thanks to your fishing expertise. I have been out with many guides in my lifetime and you are,without a doubt, one of the finest I've had the pleasure to fish with. John feels the same way I do. Attached please find some pictures of my beautiful rainbow, the epic battle (as you characterized it) and John's great cutthroats. All the best to you. I wish you continued success introducing people to this beautiful part of the country and the quality angling that you enthusiastically provide.

Kindest Regards,
- Al M.

September 6, 2014

Thanks You So Much!

Thank you so much! Had a great time. The best part is that now Susan can't tease me for not catching fish. Not to mention the 19" long 10.5" girth Cut Throat!
What a great time! Thank you. I will be booking again soon.
- Brian M.
washington fly fishing guides - yakima river

September 6, 2014

Thanks Again

Hey Aaron this is Wes. Thanks for everything again. I had a hell of a time. And you did a great job of putting us on fish. Thanks again.
- Wes R.
Washington Fly Fishing Guides - Yakima River

September 6, 2013

default image

Thank You Very Much

Thank you very much Aaron, I had a fantastic time fishing with you. Thank you for introducing me to my first steelhead! Looking forward to coming back to fish with you guys next year - I'll bring more friends!

Thanks too for this fantastic photograph- what a great bonus to an awesome weekend.

- Cary R.


September 6, 2014

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Thanks for a Fantastic Trip

I just wanted to thank you again for your role in making my recent trip to Alaska fantastic. You are, obviously, an expert in your field. Despite less than ideal conditions you managed to get us into big fish consistently. Hooking those big rainbows is certainly a rush. I appreciate all the techniques you we able to show me including the basics of spey rod fishing. I hope our paths will cross again, if not in Alaska, than perhaps fishing for Steelhead in Washington.

- Tom K.

September 6, 2014

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Amazing Day

Just wanted to say thank you again for an amazing day out on the Peninsula! Both Rob and I had a fantastic time and were so glad you were available so short notice! You are one hard working, personable, and easy going guide who seems to truly enjoy not only the sport but introducing new folks to the sport. I really appreciated the time you spent working with me, and was glad Rob for once didn't have to worry about me and could fish how he should!

You know it is a good day when you start in the dark and end in the dark.

Thank you so much!
- Caiti

September 6, 2014