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Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Report – 6/15/15


The sun has been out and the rivers are at a record low for this time of year. The low snow pack is really visible in the river levels. It sure is nice to be wet wading though. The salmon and steelhead are still coming in, even with the lack of water. We have been getting some steelhead, summer chinook, dollies, and sea run cutthroat lately. The summer coho are on their way as well, we landed one of those a few weeks ago while trout fishing. We are going to be offering spey lessons over the summer. If you want to try out some rods and lines before you buy a setup this is a great time to do it. Or if you have a rod and want to learn not only how to cast it better, but how to fish it effectively you should come out. We will try some

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Klickitat River Fly Fishing - Fall King Salmon - Chinook

Klickitat River Fly Fishing Report – 10/5/14


There have been a lot of chinook and steelhead in the Klickitat lately. Norm and Jimmy came out from Pennsylvania for five days and had an epic trip. They were really out for the Fall chinook, but after their arms got tired of pulling on 15-30lb chinook they were glad that there were plenty of steelhead around. The weather was not quite salmon or steelhead weather, 60-80 degrees with bright sun. One morning we saw a black bear across the river. It just hung out for about 10 minutes, looking in the water and pacing up and down the bank. We were able to get some great pictures with the low light just coming over the canyon walls behind the bear. The amount of angling pressure on the Klickitat is more every year. But, there are a lot of fish in the system.

Washington Fly Fishing Report – 9/4/14


The past week has been pretty good fishing. We have been getting summer steelhead nymphing and on the swing. The steelhead have really been coming in the rivers and the little bit of rain we have been getting isn’t hurting at all. It will actually help to keep some of the fiberglass on the bottom of my boat.  

Olympic Peninsula Summer Steelhead – 8/31/14


Summer steelhead fishing has been awesome. We have been hooking a lot of nice steelhead lately and a few chinook. This low water and hot weather has been really nice, especially with the fish cooperating in the middle of the day. The silvers are showing up in the Sol Duc, but it is getting tough to float. We are doing a lot of dragging the raft through the rapids. But, the low water and light pressure is nice.

Olympic Peninsula Summer Steelhead – 8/30/14


We have been picking up a lot of steelhead. Rob and Jim came out for a few days and crushed them. The summer steelhead are here. Mot much else to say. If you can get over to the Olympic Peninsula, I would.

Olympic Peninsula Summer Steelhead – 8/26/14


Fishing has been really good lately. David and Angela came out from Chicago to chase some summer steelhead on the Olympic Peninsula. This was actually their first fly fishing trip. They took a 2hr LL Bean casting class in Chicago then decided to skip learning on trout and going straight into steelhead fishing. It was a good plan because the steelhead have been grabby. Learning how to fight a fish on a fly reel takes some time. Learning on a steelhead is like trying to learn to drive a stick in a Porche. They hooked some crazy fish that would have been difficult to land even if they were seasoned steelhead anglers. Landed one and long distance released five others. It was an epic introduction to steelhead fishing and fly fishing in general.

Olympic Peninsula Summer Steelhead – 8/11/14


Frank and Nick came out for some summer fishing. The steelhead were tough to convince to bite in the morning. The water bumped a lot over night. We landed a small on before lunch, then found a beast in the afternoon on the swing. This was Frank’s biggest steelhead to date, and he got it on the spey rod. It was a big buck in the 16lb range. Then we found a few chinook to cap the day. Awesome weather, great fish, wet wading for steelhead…… I really like summer steelhead fishing on the OP.

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Olympic Peninsula Summer Steelhead – 8/10/14


Bennet and David were out from North Carolina for a summer steelhead trip. They had only fished for trout and bass on a fly and were looking to chase some steelhead in the Pacific Northwest. They couldn’t have picked a better day. We put the boat in and hooked one in ton the third cast. After they realized that steelhead pull a little different than brook trout in small streams we started getting them to the net. A lot of fish are showing up. I am looking forward to the rest of the summer steelhead season (through early October).

Olympic Peninsula Summer Steelhead – 8/9/14


Walt and Patrick came out from FL. They were on a family vacation to the Olympic Peninsula and they were able to sneak out for a day of steelheading. I went kayak fishing with Walt down in Florida in June. Conditions were tough but we found some snook and jacks. Now, I was able to show him my backyard. Chasing steelhead in a river was a new experience for him. The fish cooperated and we found some nice steelhead and large chinook. Here is a link to an article he had published on YakAngler.com. Very cool read with a lot of pics. Thanks Walt. That was a good time.