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The Silvers Keep Coming – Olympic Peninsula – 11/18/14


We’ve been fishing the Bogachiel and the Hoh lately. There are a ton of Coho salmon around and some hatchery steelhead are starting to show up. Bogachiel: The river had about 2 ft of vis, coming off a small bump the day before. This was Jeff’s and Kyle’s first time chasing salmon or steelhead. We found some nice silvers. There are still a lot of bright fish moving into the rivers out here. Pink and orange were the colors that were working good for us. The trick right now is to put your rig in front of as many fish as possible, which means posting up on a pile of fish sending a bunch of casts through them. That has been better than running and gunning all day. Hoh: The coho are still coming. I took Eric and John down to the Hoh to see if there was a good amount

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