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Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Report – 3/17/15


We got some rain and the fish came with it. We have had some insane fishing over the past week. There have been a lot more nice fish coming to the net. Marlon and Robert came out and we had very high water conditions, I gave them the option to cancel their trip because the water was so high. They said they came to fish and if there was a chance of catching one we should go. With low expectations we put the boat in and Marlon found this magnum buck, in the mid-20 pound range. Then we hooked quite a few more. It was an awesome day, much better than expected.  

Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Report – 3/9/15


The water has been getting low and we could sure use some rain. We haven’t been putting up big numbers in the low water, but we have been hooking enough fish every day. Bob and Keith came up from CA and had a great trip. The weather was warm and dry and we found some nice fish. Then Norm and Pam came out from the East Coast. Norm has done a lot of steelheading, but this was Pam’s first trip. Maybe it was beginners luck, but she caught some big steelhead. Overall, fishing has been slower lately than it was in February with the low water we have been having, but there are still plenty of steelhead in the rivers on the OP. It should be really good fishing after the next big rain.  

Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Report – 2/27/15


The rivers are on the drop, we haven’t had any rain for a while now. Fishing has continued to be really good. Over the last week we have seen some awesome fish. Ben came out and caught a huge upper teen’er buck in the same slot that is brother caught a huge one in late January. We landed that fish and got a picture within 20′ of where we landed his brothers steelhead a few weeks before. It was awesome. Doug and Jim came up from CA again this year and found some more great steelhead. Fishing has been good and the Hoh and Queets are in shape. It is a great time to be on the Olympic Peninsula.  

More Rain & Wild Steelhead


Well, the rain is pouring once again and there are some awesome wild fish in the rivers right now. We got these and a few others yesterday on the rise. After this next drop fishing should be good. It has been a wet few months. Yesterday the Hoh was flowing at 1,500 CFS and now it is at 23,700 CFS and just peaked. That should get some of that wood moving around, it might wash out some of those sweepers in the upper river. There have been some big wild fish getting caught. I am looking forward to getting back on the rivers when they are falling, fishing was good on the rise. I still have some dates open for the winter season, here is what I have open in January: 18, 19, 28, 31. There are still some prime openings in February, March, and April. Call or email and I will let you know

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Olympic Peninsula Winter Steelhead – 4/10/14


Steelheading has been going from good to great over the past few weeks. There have been a lot of fish showing up in the late season. March and April on the Olympic Peninsula is usually as consistent as February and late January, but have been hooking a bunch of steelhead lately. There have been some double digits lately. There are some big ones coming in as well.