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Washington Fly Fishing Report – Klickitat River 9/9/15

The Klickitat is in great shape, with cool water temps and plenty of water for the fish to make it up. Those things are tough to find in the northwest right now. There are a lot of steelhead in the river right now, a good mix of hatchery and wild fish. The chinook are coming in thick as well. Over the past week there have been around 20,000 chinook a day coming over Bonneville Dam, and yesterday over 35,000 came over. The salmon fishing should get good this week. We have some dates open next week if you are getting the itch. Late October and early November has some availability as well. See you out there.  

Washington Fly Fishing Report – Finally some Steelhead

Just as we expected, the summer steelhead are in the Hoh. It has been rising every night from run off and the river starts to drop mid-morning. The visibility has been on the low side, but the fish have been biting when you put it right in their face. We have been hooking fish on the dead drift and on the swing. The coho have been coming in good as well. Fishing should be good through August. Then we are headed to the Klickitat on Sept 1. We have some dates open on the Klick between early Sept and early Nov for summer steelhead and fall chinook.  

Low Water and Coho – Washington Fly Fishing Report

With the low water, we have been sight casting at salmon. The steelhead have not been showing up in good numbers yet, but we are looking forward to the Hoh opening Aug 1. The cold water on the Hoh is probably pulling a lot of the steelhead into it, the don’t seem to excited to come into the Quilayute system with it being around 70 degrees.  

Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Report – 6/15/15

The sun has been out and the rivers are at a record low for this time of year. The low snow pack is really visible in the river levels. It sure is nice to be wet wading though. The salmon and steelhead are still coming in, even with the lack of water. We have been getting some steelhead, summer chinook, dollies, and sea run cutthroat lately. The summer coho are on their way as well, we landed one of those a few weeks ago while trout fishing. We are going to be offering spey lessons over the summer. If you want to try out some rods and lines before you buy a setup this is a great time to do it. Or if you have a rod and want to learn not only how to cast it better, but how to fish it effectively you should come out. We will try some

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Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Report – 6/3/15

We have been catching some late winter steelhead, early summer coho, big dollies, and sea run cutthroat recently. The dollie in the picture about spooled us, we had to chase it with the boat. Throughout May, the Spring Chinook have been the primary target on the OP. A few have been caught on the swing, but gear and bait is the way to consistently catch them. The Bogachiel, Calawah, Queets, and Upper Quinault open this week. There should be summer steelhead in the Bogachiel and Calawah on the June 6 opener. The Hoh looks great, but it isn’t going to open until August 1 at the earliest.