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Yakima River Fly Fishing

About the Yakima River: 

The Yakima River begins in the Cascade Range and flows into Eastern Washington. The rolling hills and pristine water makes for beautiful scenery, as well as superb fishing. The river contains good numbers of rainbow and cutthroat trout, averaging between 10″-16″ and can be as large as 24″. The exquisite landscape, prolific hatches, abundance of fish, and year-round fishing puts the Yakima River on the map as Washington’s best catch and release trout fishing location.


Full Day – $425 for two anglers, $350 for a single angler (8+ hrs)

Half Day – $325 for one or two anglers (4+ hrs)

Trips Include – Drift boat or fly fishing raft, all flies, rods, reels, food, beverages, and other necessary equipment.

Plus – You will receive a free Angler’s Obsession hat and we’ll send you pictures from your trip if we use our cameras

Washington State Sales Tax and fishing license are not included in prices

Washington Fly Fishing Testimonials

default image

Lisa and myself just wanted to take a quick minute to offer a “BIG” Thank You for such a wonderful day. We appreciate you rolling over our deposit from our blown out October Klickitat trip.

Ravae, we really appreciate all of your hard work and patience organizing the trip and preparing such a wonderful lunch, we realize that with Lisa’s food intolerances we are a little “high maintenance”. We would also like to thank you for the use of your waders and boots. In the past we never went often enough to warrant the purchase of these items. Well, we had such a great time that she wants to go more often now so we’ll start shopping for her own pair! Your communication throughout the process was always reassuring and we thank you for all the recommendations on lodging and food in the area. The Olympic Suites were great as well as BBG’s. Same with the Klickitat.

Aaron, needless to say you are the best fisherman I’ve ever had the pleasure of fishing with. Your ability to find fish, in most cases spotting the fish is amazing. Your knowledge of the many techniques of fly fishing and further more your ability to teach a couple of rookies is commendable. We appreciate you “making the call” to take us to a more secluded stretch of river realizing that for us the experience and scenic boat ride were just as important as hooking fish. Little did we know that you CAN “have your cake and eat it too”! The fishing was phenomenal. I’ve been on enough rivers and done enough reading to know that you took us down one of the most challenging stretches of river there is for fishermen. Your ability to navigate through the many “rock gardens”, down the many “chutes” (diversion dam included!) and around the many “sweepers” is very impressive. Never at any time did we think we were in danger and that is a testament to your skill level. Most of all we’d like to thank you for your patience in working with a couple of amateurs. I’ve been with guides before who get uptight and stressed when their clients are not spot on every time. Your patience and willingness to work with us was very much appreciated.

I also wanted to thank you for bringing your camera. Once again we were woefully unprepared. To tell you the truth, with the steelhead being the “fish of a thousand casts” I never in my wildest dreams expected to land one fish let alone two! We were simply hoping for acceptable weather and a beautiful float. A successful day was going to be seeing a fish, maybe hooking one if we were lucky.

The two of you in cooperation with Mother Nature and the Fish Gods made for a spectacular day. I was hoping that when you have time, only when you have time as I know you are extremely busy if you can send us some pictures. They would be very special as it was my first steelhead to hand.

Thanks again for everything and have a safe and fantastic rest of the season!

Best regards,
Blake & Lisa O.

Washington Fly Fishing Guides


November 14, 2017