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Spey Lessons

We are offering spey lessons May through August on the Olympic Peninsula. These spey lessons include casting instruction, but go further by helping you learn how to effectively fish with a spey rod. We talk about where the fish would hold, how to effectively present a fly to the fish, sink tip and fly selection, speed of the swing, and more. It is great to get a spey lesson that is focused on technique rather than getting instruction on a guided trip because we take the fish out of the equation. With these lessons the main goal is improving your anchor placement, D-loop formation, cast, fly presentation, reading the water, and effectively covering a run. Where as on guided trip the goal is getting fish to the net. If you have a spey rod and want to learn how to use it effectively or if you are thinking of getting a spey setup and want to try out rods and lines these lessons would be great for you.

Washington Spey Casting Lessons - Spey Fishing Instruction Forks WA

We will adapt the lessons to your groups experience.If you are a seasoned spey anglers, we will focus on advanced casting techniques, fishing the fly through the productive water, and reading water to figure out where steelhead will be in the run and why. If you are new to spey casting we will spend most the time learning and refining your cast. We will work on the basic casts, the Double Spey and Snap-T. Setting your anchor, forming the D-loop, and shooting line through these casts are the fundamentals of spey casting and we will help you to learn the proper way to do it.

Washington Spey Casting Lessons - Spey Fishing Instruction Forks WA

These lessons are designed to help you land more fish, whether it is on your own or with a guide. You will become a more productive spey angler by knowing which cast to use, how far to cast, how to present your fly to the fish, where the fish will hold, and other techniques you will learn during a lesson. If you have specific requests for what you want to focus your lesson let us know and we can make it happen.

Spey Lesson Rates:

Spey lessons 4hr:
1 person $200
2 person $300
3 Person $350
4 person $400
5 person $450
6 person $500

Spey lessons 6hr:
1 person $250
2 person $350
3 Person $400
4 person $450
5 person $500
6 person $550